So it was just another night, the wee hours of May 20th 2018 and I was tweeting about Seth Rich as I often did.

I replied to a tweet in a thread that included President Trump. The next morning I checked President Trump's tweets "like a good American" and noticed that a few hours after my tweet President Trump made two tweets that contained several of the words and phrases I used.
The more I looked the more I saw! FBI, DNC, server, center, down, Podesta all used in my tweet and also President Trump's tweets just a few hours later. What!?

My jaw dropped when I saw these "coincidences". Q told us there are no coincidences. There are no typos or mistakes. Everything is intentional and has purpose and meaning.

Let me explain. I was a follower of "Q" from the beginning. Q told us that "misspellings matter" and to always look for deeper meanings. Misspelled words, miscapitalized letters etc... As seen in Trump's tweets are not typos or mistakes, they are intentional have meaning. Q told us to "learn the comms".

I took the similar words and phrases as a signal to look deeper.

The short version: After analyzing President Trump's tweets I noticed miscapitalized words "Server, Corruption and Refused". It didn't jump out right away. It was a process that took a little time to figure out.

SCR. That may not mean much to most people but to me in that context it was the comms I was looking for. I recognized the initials. Seth Conrad Rich. The message was clear to me. There was no doubt. It was a lot to wrap my head around but there it was.

I believe the second tweet about the "Podesta brother" was to make sure I spotted the tweets. To millions they were just miscap typos, to me, it was comms directly from Q+ in response to my passion for telling the world it was Seth. How cool is that!

I wrote a twitter thread that evolved as I figured things out. Here's an archive of it

Why me? It's not about me, I'm just the messenger. But it wasn't random either. Q+ responded to my tweet for a reason: because he knew I'd get it. All the common words were to get my attention so I'd look for the deeper meaning.

I was an active, avid and vocal follower of Q and I posted a lot about Seth including his middle name. Seth was a personal hero and I wanted to honor his sacrifice and not let him be forgotten.

I started the hashtag #AmericanHeroSethRich and tried to get #SethRichDay trending on his birthday.

I was there at 4:00am 7/17/2017 when #SethRich and John Podesta trended together on twitter I screen capped and tweeted it.

I tweeted often about Q topics and theories.

When President Trump kept talking about "low IQ Maxine Waters" it made me wonder: why he was talking so much about IQ and if there was a deeper message.

I was thinking about  the "IQ" talk and woke up one morning thinking Trump keeps saying "IQ" and maybe he's really saying "I am Q". So on March 15th 2018 I tweeted maybe the message was "IQ = I am Q".

Right or wrong, that may have put me on Q's radar as one who looked for and understood the comms. Q+'s SCR tweets came a few weeks after.

Going with "no coincidences", I stayed on Q's radar. On June 12th, 18th, and 20th 2018 I tweeted several times that Q gave us a "front row seat".  On June 20th at the rally President Trump pointed to a guy in a Q shirt and gave him a front row seat. On July 26th Q said we had a front row seat in drop 1711.

There was a meme going around of a painted sheet on an overpass saying "Cuomo killed my mom". I downloaded the pic and edited the contrast and color and reposted it. The original pic was widely circulated, mine was limited. On May 28th 2020  Q used my edited pic in drop 4339.

Q said the future will prove the past, meaning as events unfold they will validate and prove the Q drops were correct. My hope is that the public will find out it wasn't the Russians, it was Seth.

I was stunned like a deer in the headlights wondering if it was real or if I was reading too much into it, but there are no coincidences and there was no denying it. My next thought was how to tell the world but in reality at the time there was only a small audience that would understand.

I thought it would be a shocker and wake the masses and was a bit disappointed it didn't get much of a reaction. I mentioned on a Q board that I wanted to spread the word. Someone replied that it was seen by those it was intended for. Q is to inform people and also to message the opposition.

Q+ was letting those who understood the comms know it was Seth and also sending deep state a message of pain and fear that the truth about Seth will be revealed.

Deep state followed Q even closer than anons. Q would drop info and then track their reactions and communications. They used gmail drafts, xbox game chats and ham radio to evade detection but Q has it all.

This was part of the cat-and-mouse information warfare.

To me, this confirms that the public will find out that it wasn't Russia that hacked the DNC, it was Seth.
Q+'s first tweet mentions "early in the morning", the second tweet mentions "the swamp of Washington, D.C.", when and where Seth was killed.

"VERY" and "Swamp" are miscapitalized in the second tweet but I can't figure out why. It's nagging me that I may still be missing something

Seth leaked Podesta's emails to Wikileaks and paid the ultimate price.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting about Seth. The FBI denied any knowledge of Seth but FOIA documents prove otherwise. How and why did Seth's murder become a matter of national security? Lisa Page is cooperating with Durham. What is she saying?

All roads from the Russian hack hoax will lead back to Seth Rich. What will happen when the public finds out the truth?

The truth about Seth will go right to the top. They all knew it was Seth.

The icing on the cake! Yet another "coincidence". Within hours an Annie Linskey article appeared in the Boston Globe about President Trump's typos and mentions the first tweet as an example.

Here's CNN on President Trump's typos

Here's mention of my reaction to Q+'s SCR tweets by 100PercentFedup

I did a thread on twitter as events unfolded but that account was suspended in one of the purges. Here's an archive of my original thread.

Q+'s first tweet mentions "early in the morning", the second tweet mentions "the swamp of Washington, D.C.", when and where Seth was killed.

"VERY" and "Swamp" are also miscapitalized in the second tweet but I can't figure out why. It's nagging me that I may still be missing something
How did Wikileaks get John Podesta's emails?

They said the Russians hacked the DNC servers. It wasn't the Russians.

It was Seth!

How do I know? It was confirmed to me personally by the highest source.
It's a gift I love to share!

(For this to make sense you must know about "Q" and Seth Rich.

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