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Killing the Mockingbird - Joe M

President Trump is "Q+".
Q is an operation by Military Intelligence (MI) and the NSA to eradicate the "deep state" and corrupt forces that infiltrated the US government and institutions. Namely, those who tried to frame a sitting president. The hunters became the hunted.

MI has every text, email, call etc... ever sent by you, me and the bad guys. They don't answer to congress and are the last line of defense to uphold the Constitution.

To prevent panic and inform the public Q gave information in cryptic "Q drops". A "front row seat" behind the scenes of the big picture and the long game.

Q is the designation of the highest level security clearance and there are only a handful of people in the Q group. Drops with "Q+" are from President Trump.

As crazy as it may sound and a lot to wrap ones head around it's true.

There are numerous "Q proofs" that support President Trump as Q+. The "SCR tweet" is just one example.
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